How to pack


Parcels which weight do not exceed 40 kg should be packed in a standard cardboard box. It is important that any empty spaces in the cardboard box are filled up as it will give full guarantee of secure shipment and protection against damage during the transport. It should also be carefully sealed with  a vinyl sellotape . If necessary, you can put  warning notices on the parcel with waterproof markers.


For packing glass products, use bubble wrap. For large items, such as.:

mirrors, it is recommended to put an additional protection over it and then wrap in the foil (the same procedure is also recommended for other glassware). Then pack the item in the cardboard packaging.


Large shipments, such as sofas, motorcycles, bicycles, etc., should be protected by special cardboard flaps. Also, disassemble the equipment , so as not to cause damage to other shipments during transportation. All these elements should be adhered to one of the walls of the box


To transport commercial cargo, such as food or building materials, we use  euro pallets. Small and very heavy loads such as: casts or mechanical parts should be placed in a wooden chest.

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