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Terms and conditions

1. General provisions

The following regulations cover terms and conditions of providing transport services, removals, payloads (commercial cargo) and road express service by GOLD TRANSPORT for international trade within the European Union. By signing the bill of lading (proof of shipment) – hereinafter referred to as “bill of lading” – the Consignor agrees to the following Terms and Conditions as well as the pricelist. From that moment, all the provisions included therein shall be binding on both Parties unless the applicable agreement between the Parties provides otherwise.


2. Range of operation

  1. GOLD TRANSPORT operates throughout Poland as well as other EU countries.
  2. GOLD TRANSPORT provides services to individuals, private parties as well as organizations without legal personality (i.e. unincorporated).

3. Prohibited goods

1. Goods prohibited from transport include:

a) items whose transport is prohibited under certain legislation;

b) items that, due to their dimensions, volume or other properties – or equipment used by GOLD TRANSPORT – are not fit for carriage;

c) items that are dangerous under specific regulations, including in particular: flammable, explosive or radioactive materials, corrosive or fetid substances, weapons and ammunition.

2. GOLD TRANSPORT will also not accept the following parcels:

a) containing narcotics, drugs, psychotropic substances or excise goods, with the exception of items dispatched for scientific or medical purposes by authorized bodies;

b) containing live plants and animals;

c) containing remains or human bodies;

d) containing visible drawings or inscriptions infringing goods protected by law;

e) containing works of art, antiques, precious stones or precious metals in whatever form or format; currency, transferrable securities, certificates and any other negotiable items.

3. Any breach of these agreements binds the Consignor to pay a contractual penalty fee of five times the amount due to GOLD TRANSPORT for the service performed.

4. Payment of the penalty mentioned above does not preclude GOLD TRANSPORT from the right to claim damages in excess of the amount of the penalty fee on general terms.

5. GOLD TRANSPORT reserves the right to refuse to perform services, expect in cases outlined in Paragraph 1. and 2., also without prior notice or in the event of:

a) spatio-temporal inability of its implementation;

b) improper securing of the parcel by the Principal;

b) when there is reasonable suspicion that the declaration of contents and/or its weight does not agree with the facts.

4. General terms and conditions of service

1. Delivery is collected from a particular address in a given location after prior telephone notification. Delivery may also be dispatched at any  Customer Service Centre during its opening hours.

2. GOLD TRANSPORT delivers items and parcels at the expected or guaranteed delivery time, as outlined in the current Pricelist, unless the Parties do not arrange otherwise in writing. The Consignor may give a different disposition with regards to the time of shipment delivery which may be shorter than the ones guaranteed by GOLD TRANSPORT as long as GOLD TRANSPORT agrees and confirms it one the bill of lading.

3. As a rule, delivery to the Consignee shall be made personally. Where the Customer is a legal entity or an organizational unit without legal personality, the consignment is allowed for receipt in the office or other relevant facility.

4. If the Consignee refuses to accept the consignment, it shall be then returned to the Consigner. Transport costs on both sides shall be borne by the Consigner.

5. If the Consignee fails to pay for delivery, all charges for the services shall be borne by the Consigner.

5. Service fees

1. Fees for the service are specified in the current Pricelist or agreement between GOLD TRANSPORT and the Principal.

2. Payment can be made in cash on delivery or transferred to the bank account of GOLD TRANSPORT.

3. Each customer receives a VAT invoice in accordance with the rates applicable in the Republic of Poland. Invoices will be sent to the address of the Consigner in Poland or address in the UK, according to indications.

4. Prices indicate the gross price.

5. Money transfer can be made to the bank account of GOLD TRANSPORT

6 Cash payments should be made directly to the courier delivering the parcel and should be based on the valuation of the bill of lading.

6. Liability of the Contractor

1. GOLD TRANSPORT , in the event of failure to deliver or improper performance of services, shall be liable under the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the Civil Code and other applicable laws.
2. GOLD TRANSPORT is responsible for the entrusted consignment to the amount of up to 1000 PLN (Polish zloty) unless the Principal has declared a higher (or lower) amount.

7. Complaints

1. Both the Consigner and the Consignee have the right to lodge a complaint with regards to improper performance of services by GOLD TRANSPORT

2. GOLD TRANSPORT has 30 days to resolve the complaint.

3. Complaints may be submitted by e-mail to: ….. or in writing to the company’s Polish headquarters.

8. Final provisions

1. If the Consigner is a consumer as defined by the Civil Code, the content of the agreement is formed by the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, including the consumer protection provided under specific regulations.
2. The Parties shall attempt to settle any arising disputes by finding a satisfactory solution for both parties.

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